• Dot Plot
  • Box Plot
  • Density Plot
  • Parallel Plot
  • Quantile-Quantile Plot
  • Quantile-Quantile Math Plot
  • Scatter Plot
  • Scatter Plot Matrix
Visual Data Analysis Add-In for Excel

Visual Data Trellis Charts has been discontinued. This is website is only for informational purposes.

8 New Charts

Use new chart types such as Box Plots and Parallel Plots in Excel.

New Charts

Clear and Effective

All of the charts use a minimalist style inspired by the works of Edward R. Tufte.


Trellis Charts

This chart design enhances your ability to analyse large amounts of data.

Trellis Chart

Excel Integration

Trellis Charts integrates seamlessly into the Excel ribbon.

Data Selection

Easy to Use

Use the drag and drop interface to create charts in literally seconds.

Drag and Drop


Create advanced charts based on R without writing a single line of R or VBA code.

R Excel

Trellis Charts allowed me to analyze my data quickly through its various visualization options.

I had reached the end of Excel’s standard charting options and did not want to invest the time in writing VBA code for my charting needs. Trellis Charts covered that gap by allowing me to simply drag and drop my fields to produce the custom charts I needed.

The customer service at Trellis Charts is fantastic. I was stuck and provided sample data to customer service that helped me construct the charts I needed.

- Business Analyst, Healthcare Industry